🤔Hairstyling vs Hair Braiding The REAL Jim Crow of Cosmetology

🤔Hairstyling vs Hair Braiding The REAL Jim Crow of Cosmetology 

I agree with 💯Magan Forbes with the deregulation of makeup only because of cosmetic care innovation into advanced skin procedures such as eyelash extensions, chemical peels, and botox injections💉💉 due to the adoption of the “simple hair devices’” allowing cosmetology the use of “needles.”

However, her inability to answer the question clearly to Representative Mason as to “the difference in 💆cosmetic care of the skin” and the personal application of makeup 💄as “professionalism?’

Hairstyling, on the other hand, has been deregulated as from Megan’s own testimony 💬informing but not answering the question. She began by “an example would be Hairbraiding carved out of Hairstyling” same thing as Makeup carved out of cosmetic care.”

I would beg to differ that Makeup would be carved out of 🚫esthetician ONLY!

⛑️Makeup that is FDA safe.

👩‍🎨Makeup airbrush machines compressors with maximum pressurization.

🦠Makeup 3-hour Infection Control annual certification.

Back to hair braiding vs hairstyling, as the Director of ecoHair Braiders Association, I am will to adopt the language of Hairstyling to assist and help ALL 👩‍🎨women and #MenToo👨‍🎨 to abolish the Structural Racism within the beauty industry of these newly formed professions as Hair Artist a more neutral term.

💇‍♀️ Why do I need a license to braid hair in Oklahoma?

💇‍♀️ Why do I need a license to braid hair in Oklahoma?

Happy New Year!!

Hi, I’m 007 Blon’De an expert on infection control in salons.

I’m going to share with you hair braiding states that are deregulated from cosmetology and barbering.

Let’s begin with your FREE coaching call at https://payhip.com/OO7BlonDeNaturalHairCare where you can purchase your state’s requirements in a perfect ebook designed just for your hair braiding business.

 These are my chosen states with cosmetology deregulation for hair braiding licensing as they are requiring special licensing for hair braiders.

For techniques as minor as cornrowing into patterns or extending with sew-in weaving for Hair Braiders and Natural Hairstylists are required to get an occupational license in hair braiding.

Hair braiders are not conditioning and manipulating the hair strands with chemical hair straightening agents as a cosmetologist does. 

Deregulation of state Cosmetology and Barber Boards makes entry barries for hair braiding creates more women entrepreneurs.

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Be a Barrier Breaker in Braiding At GodSpeed

I’m asking God to use the power of scripture to change my life and actions to 🧘🏾‍♂️ meditation.

I was raised with barrier blockers to meditating 🧱 and chanting.

Let me explain. It was challenging attending Aveda Spa Program because of meditation 🧘‍♀️ was a mandatory exercise EVERYDAY!

If you know me NOTHING is mandatory and my Grandma 👵🏾 said so!

No this was barrier blocker because I depended solely on what my Grandma and Great Grandma 👵🏾 said out of the Bible.

So as an adult 🧑🏾 this meditation crap 💩 keeps showing up everywhere I go.

Then God touch me and said “you run 🏃🏾‍♀️ to Google search bar for everything else 🏃 run to the Bible search bar!

So I used my Bible App to find a meditation 🧘🏾‍♂️ scripture this would prove Grandma 👵🏾 right!

But low and behold I found the perfect 👌🏾 scripture to meditate on and here it is.

Psalms 104:34

My meditation 🧘🏾‍♂️ of HIM shall be sweet: I will be glad in the Lord!

Now ain’t that the bomb 💣 .com!

I found the perfect scripture and now I have the ability to use my 💥 power, favor and talents to help me break barriers or if you know me “Find Loopholes”.

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#NextLevel always leveling up never stopping.

Iowa’s Future of the Natural Hair Braiding Registration

Hey #SuperNaturals,

The New York Times has reported that Cosmetology Schools in Iowa cost $21,000 and it’s the primary income for the schools. The article when on to claim that the students are worked as if their at a full-time job.

The New York Times stated: “The second stream is the salon work the students do while in school.

They spend some time in classrooms learning about, for example, chemicals and how to sanitize the workspace, but once they’ve hit a certain number of hours, they start working on real clients in salons run by the schools. In full-time programs, going to school becomes a full-time job, where students clock in and out for seven- or eight-hour shifts.”

Iowa seems to think that cosmetology and barbering deregulation is NOT far enough.

The Des Moines Register latest article on beauty school say it is a waste of time and money. And should be abolished!

“Lawmakers can abolish cosmetology licensing, and the industry can offer certification and training.”

I don’t agree with the total abolishment but I do believe that cosmetology school is an economic hardship. But the Natural Hair Care license offers natural hair a new #occupationallicensing. With the hair braiding classes offered online the hair braiding 30-hour course is the least expensive and offers a hair braiding license. Several states are offering a Braid license with the push for deregulation by Institute for Justice.

This blog is designed to be informative for anyone asking “how to get my braiding license”? The natural hair classes are for natural hairstylist and are 30-hour Hair Braider Registration in Minnesota.

Cosmetology is also an environmental danger to humans.

How-to Become a Natural Hair Stylist

Wondering where can I get a natural hair braid license?

Since the Bill that would eliminate the requirement for natural hair stylists to get license dies in Tennessee.

This natural hair certification online training offers the 30-hour hair braiding license online for Minnesota, Iowa, and pending other states. With this license, you can transfer your license using reciprocity.

Instead of the 300-hour natural hair course offered in class at your cosmetology school in Tennessee, Illinois, and many other states.

Get natural hair braid license today!

Here are 3 examples of what can you do with a braiding license:

1. On the Go mobile hairstylists.

2. Rent a Booth at your local salon.

3. Open a Natural Hair Salon and rent booths.

Rep. Parkinson says now that the bill is dead, it is time to push forward legislation that will protect consumers.

“We need to make sure there is a complaint line visibly posted in every salon, and if we can get the braiding salons online then we will make sure that is posted also,” he said.

The bill would have also combined barbering and cosmetology into one licensed trade.

Something industry experts call ridiculous since they both have very different training standards.


Natural Hair Stylist Be Aware!

HF140 Hair Braiding Repeal @RenaMoran & @DuaneQuam as a professional with concerns for the Needle 💉reuse in Hair Braiding Salons. Your profession is on the line!

Are you a Natural HairBraider offering Sew-In Weaves as a natural hair care protective style service with a Needle💉?

1️⃣ Then I’m asking you to Stop 🚫 reusing Needles 💉 on your clients!

No other Occupational reuses 💉 Needles!



🏥 Hospitals

👩🏽‍🎨Tattoo Artists


So why are you ALLOWED too!

2️⃣ If you are a Natural Hair Care client that’s wearing a Sew-In Weave I’m asking you to DEMAND you Natural Hair Care Stylist wear they’re required by OSHA Protective Personal Equipment to prevent cross-contamination of 💉 Blood-Borne Pathogens.

3️⃣ If you are a politician we DEMAND a Natural Hair Board for #TANGIBLES2020!

Use Twitter and let your Congresspeople know you’re thoughts…@RenaMoran

Natural Hair Braiding, Minnesota vs Zeno and Reciprocity

Death of the Practice and Jail for today’s Natural Hair History Challenge.

Yes, it is me Dee here at 3 on the 3 with some black history.

Ok in 1899 a man by the name of George Zeno was arrested for barbering in Minnesota.
“Defendant was convicted in the municipal court of Minneapolis for violation of Laws 1897, c. 186, being “An act to regulate the practice of barbering,” etc.; and appealed from an order, Holt, J., denying a motion for a new trial. Affirmed.”
The infamous case of Zeno versus the state of Minnesota in 1899.

Zeno a barber cut 2 white men hair and another white man filed a suit against him.

George Zeno was then locked in jail until the judge ruled on his respiratory case.

Then respa rocity was declared in multi-state registrations, permits, and licenses.

All these occupational licensing regulations would need to become interchangeable across States.

No because of this law hair braiders across all state lines will soon be able to apply for licensure on a federal level.

This is why the cosmetology regimes have deregulated the cosmetology boards to allow licensure for her braids.

You think if relaxers and cosmetologist on buying gallons of relaxer anymore that Revlon, Clairol, and any of the other big-name brand manufacturers are happy.

No, when all of the market of 1 billion dollars has been saturated amongst minority groups Asians, Africans, and anybody else that are immigrants to America.

The Asians Supply her, the Africans sew it in or braid it in, the black Americans sew it in or braids it on, the Asians are doing the nails, the Indian’s are doing the threading all these are great people from different countries embarking on economic success in America.

Thank you

Minnesota State .vs. G.Zeno

Natural Hair Braiding Congressional Testimonies

Natural Hair Braiding Congressional Testimonials

“Let the public know they’re on their own!”

~Gina Fast of the Board of Cosmetology

This means when you go into the Natural Hair Braiding salon the Natural Hair Stylist has no diligence or expectations to meet.



The next Natural Hair Braiding Registration REPEAL meeting is this Friday February 28th, 2019 at 8:00 am come and express your concerns.