Stylist Sell-Phone Scheduler Beauty Business CROWN Coaching System.

Hey hey hey! 👋 Hair Stylist

I’m Denise ‘007 Blon’De’, creator of $tylist $ell-Phone Scheduler Beauty Business CROWN Coaching System 

I work with female hair stylists wanting to build their  online beauty business presences just like yourself to build a profitable online beauty business that fits their season of life.

I wanted to take a second to say “hey hey” and welcome you to the community…

I’m so glad to have you here!

Seriously, I want you to know that we are truly excited and grateful that you decided to say a big YES to organizing your beauty business and literally putting it at your fingertips.

I know this is going to be an absolute game changer for you in feeling calm and confident about your beauty business no matter your current situation.

That’s why I’m here.

To get you organized once and for all, with everything you need in one spot! 

🗃 And Trello™ is the platform of choice for the $tylist $ell-Phone system I created called CROWN Business HeadQuarters

A unique collection of connected boards that keeps you organized and focused on the task at hand while keeping all pertinent information just a click away.

One place to control everything. 🗝

Here’s what you get for just $444.44:

🎯 One year of one to one coaching through your $tylist in a $ell-Phone System Board

🎯 One Year HNIC certification and name tag ID in Salon Infection Control

eBook: Open Your Salon Today Without a License! By Denise Jarrett

🎯 The complete CROWN $tylist as Coaches System with interactive Templates

🎯$tylist Social Media Magnet

🎯$ellPone Starter Kit-Finance Tracker

🎯$tylist $ell-Phone Starter Kit Weekly Focus Form

💎2+ Trello™ Board Templates that work together as a unique connected system to keep you organized and in control of your beauty business.

  1. CROWN Coaching Clients
  2. Spa in a $ell-Phone Wedding Day Planner

💎Video training walking through how to customise the boards for your own use

💎Trello™ video training for those new to this platform


If you want to feel more in control of your day, be laser focused on your beauty business goals and have one source of truth to call home for your business,  CROWN Business HeadQuarters is the answer!


Join the $444.44 Beauty business coaching CROWN Business HeadQuarters

Keeping track of my📆 clients profiles📋, services, and hairstyle pictures📷 in one place on my SmartPhone📳has really surged my social media status💯.


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PS. It’s ONLY me, myself and I as “the TEAM”

So, I have SUCCESS SPACE support for

44 women that want to #NextLevelUp

their female entrepreneurial skills through sells, schedules, social media, and a system to Succeed!