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Now let’s get down to business 📈 with the repeal of the hair braiding license in Minnesota doesn’t mean 😏 other states will follow.

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Hair Braiding is REPEAL!

Minnesota has REPEALED hair braiding from the Board of Cosmetologist and hair Braiders will no longer have the options of being licensed to do natural hair.

The deregulation of natural hair care to just hair braiding and not considering the many women who preform natural hair styles, weaves and wigs. Hair Braiding REPEALED

Hair Braider Registration REPEALED

It’s ALL back on the hands of the cosmetology board. Look 👀 for many shops to close and have more fines from the board.

Use IG GLUE and NEEDLES are a No No for now!

Please stay tuned as O will update my sisters on this matter.

And don’t hesitate to call, text or email 📧 if the Boards starts to retaliate.

I’ll keep watching as Rena Moran stated when asked about sanitation and health risks associated with hair styling, Moran said education shouldn’t be a prohibitive factor for licensure, noting it should be common practice. “It’s just a healthy thing to do to wash a comb before you use it on another person’s head or take note of a scalp issue. But that’s more of an educational piece that needs to take place,” she added. “There are ways to work with the [MN] Department of Health to get those basic type of safety criteria in place.”

Let’s see if the Hair Braider Registration will have to report to the Health Departments and does Rena really care about BlackWomens health.